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Tony/Pepper - Mark II Wrap-Up Post
[qaf] cast - Scott's bday
xheartrockx wrote in tonypepper_kink
Here are the fills for the Mark II post. If I've missed anything, please let me know.

I. Post-IM2; the UST builds until they fall into bed together and quite happily go at it like minks...then Tony finds out that Pepper knows about the secret video camera in his bedroom that records his nocturnal activities (or *did*, before his kidnapping). She's been watching the vids and instead of being shocked, she's devilishly turned on by them. Tony gets her to tell him her favorite scenes/acts and promises they'll try them all. Kind of a fluff/smut piece, I guess. requested by anon
untitled by spockside

II. Pregnancy!Sex with hormone crazy Pepper. OMG SOMEONE PLEASE WRITE THISSSS. requested by luckytohaveher
untitled by syllogian
art!fill by skye3

III. Pepper decides that Tony shouldn't be alone his first night back after Afghanistan so she goes to the mansion to find him very depressed, etc. One thing leads to another and sex ensues. requested by anon
After Afghanistan by spockside

IV. tony and pepper are on 'project baby.' marathon sex galore... XD requested by anon
Day Fourteen by syllogian

V. a take away from IM2. pepper finds out about tony's condition -preferably sometime after the 'strawberries' scene. requested by anon
untitled by anon

VI. Post IM2. Pepper is in Europe on SI business and Tony is lonely without her. They decide to give phone sex a try. requested by anon
untitled by anon
You Are Here by roboticonograph

VII. Shamelessly stolen from the Sherlock Holmes meme: Pepper has an IM plushie and she sleeps with it. Tony finds out and......up to the one that fills this. requested by dracutgrl
Intruder by uadlika

VIII. tony and pepper decide to make a private video requested by anon
Touchdown! by dracutgrl

IX. pepper is pms-ing. she's so horny she wakes up tony in the middle of the night/in the wee hours of the morning for sex by anon
4am by syllogian

X. You know Pepper has one and Tony is game to try anything. Shoe licking, worship, jacking off into shoes - I don't care - as long as Tony is all about Pepper in shoes. requested by anon
Those Shoes by maquisleader

XI. Maybe in tandem with Pepper and the Sybian... She gets lonely while Tony's away/gone/on a mission, pleasures herself in Tony's bed/workshop/living room/car, and Jarvis helps her out by playing back sound recordings of Tony talking dirty while fucking. If they're not a couple yet, obviously this would be while he was doing other women...and Pepper gets off on it. by anon
Pepper Potts' Helpful Headache Reliever by dracutgrl

XII. Five times Pepper saw Tony naked, and one time Tony saw Pepper naked. requested by spockside
untitled by marienomad

XIII. Post-Afghanistan, Tony has a control problem and finishes first and needs to make sure Pepper (or whoever - but you know I'm a T/P girl) finishes through other means... requested by dracutgrl
untitled by spockside

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Like I said, not a huge thing at all - and I am bad about putting titles in the subject lines of comments. Gotta be better about that!

And thanks!

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