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Tony/Pepper Kink Requests - Mark 1
[rdj] smirk
xheartrockx wrote in tonypepper_kink
Post your request as a comment to this post.

Remember to check all the other comments, maybe something will strike your muse.

It's not rule but it's nice to fulfill a prompt for each prompt you leave.
Give and take makes our lives so much more fun :D

ETA1 - please include a subject line to your comment for easier orientation.

ETA2 - I will be switching off comment notifs for this post, meaning I will no longer receive notifications when somebody posts a comment here. If you have any questions, suggestions etc, please leave a comment at the RULES post.

ETA3 - You are also allowed to request graphics, meaning if you want a banner of Tony and Pepper horseback riding, please state so in your comment. You are also allow to fulfill a request with a graphic. But please ask the person who requested something first. They might not need/want a wallpaper, banner etc.

ETA4 - your requests must be Tony/Pepper-centric. Of course, you can bring other characters into the mix but their relationship (however you choose to portray it) should be the focus.

Pepper used to be a sub, and Tony manages to find her trigger word. He doesn't initially understand what happens so he experiments with it a little until he figures it out... then he uses it to his advantage.

kudos if the first time it happens they're in a meeting and she moves to do whatever he asks instantly then freezes...

(Deleted comment)
I'm going to try and tackle this - give me some time as RL is nuts (as usual).

I've already started it - I think it's going to end up more kinky than funny. Hope that works for you ;)

To do list: 1. write fic.
2. figure out how the heck to post it over here.

Hmmm... let me think about that...


YEAH! :p :D

you could post it to your own LJ and post a link in a comment reply like this? Or just post it as a comment-reply?

I'm here for you, young padawan.

just to update, I am still writing this madly - this prompt really got my juices flowing - so far the epic is 14000 words (sorry about that!). I hope to finish it up in the next week and start posting.

Re: sorry for the delay

omg i am SOOO excited for you to post this!!!!!

Re: sorry for the delay

:D :D :D

*is a happy fan*

Re: sorry for the delay

i swear the anticipation for this is, like, *killing* me. I hope you post it soon bb!!!

Re: sorry for the delay

This one has been tricky and I want to have it fully written before I start posting. I figure I'll have it done by this weekend (as long as RL continues to cooperate).

Hope it's worth the wait!

Re: sorry for the delay

aah!! i'm going camping for a week on Sunday!! no internet!!! :(

Re: sorry for the delay

As dracutgrl's beta, I believe you will *not* be disappointed. Gah.

FILL: A Kink in the Armor

Because I just read the rules and realized I did this wrong the first time.

First four (of who knows how many) dirty parts up at my LJ:

Most effective use of a smartphone

T & P are involved; one of them has to go halfway across the world while the other is somewhere else, and during a meeting Pepper sends Tony a "beaver shot" over her smartphone, allegedly taken surreptitiously under the table during said meeting. What happens after that is entirely up to you.

Re: Most effective use of a smartphone

this really needs to happen..

Re: Most effective use of a smartphone

As you know, I'm currently in Kinkland - but I'd like to tackle this after I'm done (to clean the palate, so to speak) - if anyone else wants to take it while I'm otherwise occupied, please do. If not, give me a few weeks.


T/P established, them staying in for the night. Pepper handcuffs Tony to the bed and shows him who's really the boss (first time or very little experienced for Tony, very experienced for Pepper). Extra points for use of a cock ring, strap-on/dildo, delayed gratification (orgasm denial), and/or begging. As hardcore/hot/dirty/NC-17 as you can get it.


Seconded x 1000000000000


Oh my God, DO WANT!





Guuuhhh YES.

Tony/Pepper - Important Meeting

Tony somehow ends up under the desk/conference table where Pepper's big important meeting is about to take place. Only Pepper discovers he's under there. He decides to have a little "fun" with it.

Bonus points for Pepper desperately trying to keep the meeting going while Tony's "tormenting" her.

Inspired by dracutgrl's "A Kink In The Armor": WHAT IF...the day Pepper said that, she had plans to go to a D/s club??? How would the birthday girl celebrate? (Without Tony...but maybe thinking about him...)


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