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Rule amendment
[rdj] smirk
xheartrockx wrote in tonypepper_kink
I've made a slight amendment to the rules. You can see the changes/additions at the "request" post.

If you have any questions, please direct them here or to the other rules post as I have switched off notifications to the request post.

Thanks :D

eta - you guys are awesome. I hope to see loads of fulfilled requests soon :D

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I'd like to request a few things but I'm not that great with writing. I think I'm okay but my real talent is in drawing. Would it be possible to draw something to fulfill a request or does it have to be writing only?

Yes, that was what one of the amendments was about :) Any sort of graphic are now allowed, either to be requested or to fulfill something. However, I'd suggest you ask the person who requested something first, just to make sure...

Ah, okay. I guess I missed that. Thanks. =)

Always a pleasure. This is the first time I'm running a comm like this and I'm still working things out myself :D

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