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Tony/Pepper - Mark I Wrap-Up Post
[qaf] cast - Scott's bday
xheartrockx wrote in tonypepper_kink
Before I'll post Mark II, here's the wrap up post of Mark I with the stories you guys came up with.

If I've missed anything, let me know in a comment below.

I. Tony and Pepper are in an exclusive stable relationship. Pepper flirts (or Tony thinks Pepper flirts) with someone else and gets jealous/possessive. Dirty, angry against the wall sex, holding her hands above her head with his hands under her skirt. by anonymous
turning saints into the sea by neptunesubmerge
part 1 part 2 part 3 part 4

II. Tony/Pepper Unusual Talent: "Potts?" Tony blinked, "What in HELL was that?" by 4persephone
Breathless by bilyk

III. Pepper and Tony are together. Tony cheats - Pepper's reaction is anon's choice. by azure_horizon
Honesty by roboticonograph

IV. Tony/Pepper in a D/s relationship. bdsm.. Prefer Tony as the Dom in the relationship by anonymous
Arrendersi by 4persephone
part 1 part 2 part 3

V. Tony/Pepper, strap on: Established relationship. Tony loves anal, but has rarely indulged since he would only let a girl he trusted fuck him. After much embarrassment, he asks Pepper, and she is nervous but very intrigued. by anonymous
New Frontier by spockside

VI. tony/pepper first time sex. both feeling really scared/anxious. almost like two teenagers! first times are precious - so i really wanna see that with these two! by bilyk
Fumbling by azure_horizon

VII. Movie!Verse Pepper (post IM2) and Comic!Verse Pepper (anytime after Stark: Disassembled) switch places via magic/portal/whatever you can think of, and how they deal with this and more importantly, the Tony in each other's universe. by anonymous
mirror, mirror by neptunesubmerge
part 1 part 2

VIII. Tony/Pepper, sleepy: Basically, I want fic with a really sleepy Tony who is particularly cuddly and affectionate. Pepper, as his established significant other, is both charmed and amused by this :) by anonymous
Body, remember by gabby_silang

IX. Tony/Pepper, forced to have sex for the first time: Tony and Pepper are kidnapped and held hostage by shady (Ten Rings?) kidnappers. The only things in the room with them are a light, a bed, and a camera embedded in the ceiling. The kidnappers tell them they'll be released if they "perform" for the camera. Bonus points if it's actually a webcam that's streaming live!
Ransom by spockside

X. Tony and Pepper, in the workshop, with a [insert workshop accessory/tool here]. Writer's choice as to whoever does what. by spocksgirl87
Gotcha! by spockside

XI. Pepper used to be a sub, and Tony manages to find her trigger word. He doesn't initially understand what happens so he experiments with it a little until he figures it out... then he uses it to his advantage. kudos if the first time it happens they're in a meeting and she moves to do whatever he asks instantly then freezes... by azure_horizon
a kink in the armor by dracutgrl (the following chapters are linked at the end of each chapter)

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The 26 (and counting) parts are also linked together - at the end of each chapter there's a link to the next chapter.

Re: A Kink in the Armor

Thanks for letting me know. I've added the note to the link :)

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