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Tony/Pepper - Mark I Wrap-Up Post
[qaf] cast - Scott's bday
xheartrockx wrote in tonypepper_kink
Before I'll post Mark II, here's the wrap up post of Mark I with the stories you guys came up with.

If I've missed anything, let me know in a comment below.

I. Tony and Pepper are in an exclusive stable relationship. Pepper flirts (or Tony thinks Pepper flirts) with someone else and gets jealous/possessive. Dirty, angry against the wall sex, holding her hands above her head with his hands under her skirt. by anonymous
turning saints into the sea by neptunesubmerge
part 1 part 2 part 3 part 4

II. Tony/Pepper Unusual Talent: "Potts?" Tony blinked, "What in HELL was that?" by 4persephone
Breathless by bilyk

III. Pepper and Tony are together. Tony cheats - Pepper's reaction is anon's choice. by azure_horizon
Honesty by roboticonograph

IV. Tony/Pepper in a D/s relationship. bdsm.. Prefer Tony as the Dom in the relationship by anonymous
Arrendersi by 4persephone
part 1 part 2 part 3

V. Tony/Pepper, strap on: Established relationship. Tony loves anal, but has rarely indulged since he would only let a girl he trusted fuck him. After much embarrassment, he asks Pepper, and she is nervous but very intrigued. by anonymous
New Frontier by spockside

VI. tony/pepper first time sex. both feeling really scared/anxious. almost like two teenagers! first times are precious - so i really wanna see that with these two! by bilyk
Fumbling by azure_horizon

VII. Movie!Verse Pepper (post IM2) and Comic!Verse Pepper (anytime after Stark: Disassembled) switch places via magic/portal/whatever you can think of, and how they deal with this and more importantly, the Tony in each other's universe. by anonymous
mirror, mirror by neptunesubmerge
part 1 part 2

VIII. Tony/Pepper, sleepy: Basically, I want fic with a really sleepy Tony who is particularly cuddly and affectionate. Pepper, as his established significant other, is both charmed and amused by this :) by anonymous
Body, remember by gabby_silang

IX. Tony/Pepper, forced to have sex for the first time: Tony and Pepper are kidnapped and held hostage by shady (Ten Rings?) kidnappers. The only things in the room with them are a light, a bed, and a camera embedded in the ceiling. The kidnappers tell them they'll be released if they "perform" for the camera. Bonus points if it's actually a webcam that's streaming live!
Ransom by spockside

X. Tony and Pepper, in the workshop, with a [insert workshop accessory/tool here]. Writer's choice as to whoever does what. by spocksgirl87
Gotcha! by spockside

XI. Pepper used to be a sub, and Tony manages to find her trigger word. He doesn't initially understand what happens so he experiments with it a little until he figures it out... then he uses it to his advantage. kudos if the first time it happens they're in a meeting and she moves to do whatever he asks instantly then freezes... by azure_horizon
a kink in the armor by dracutgrl (the following chapters are linked at the end of each chapter)

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Thank you, makes it easier to find everything! Tho, I have trouble seeing the white links, but I'm old. lol

Thanks for pointing that out. I've changed the link color. Let me know if it's better this way.

Yes, thx! Before, they were invisible almost. I scouted them out, mind you, no smut left behind! lol

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