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Tony/Pepper Kink Requests - Mark II
[qaf] cast - Scott's bday
xheartrockx wrote in tonypepper_kink

- Post your request, one request per comment.

- In the subject line of your comment, put as follows: PAIRING [in alphabetical order], KINK.

- In the comment itself, clarify what you'd like.

- Crossovers are allowed, please make a note of it in the subject line and what fandom/character you'd like crossed in. What it should look like: Crossover: Tony/Harry (Kiss Kiss Bang Bang)

- Your requests should be Tony/Pepper-centric. However, don't let this keep you from requesting a threesome/moresome. Just make sure that pairing is somewhere in there.

- Movie and comic verse are both welcome, just specify what you like. But keep in mind that people might not be familiar with all comics.

- Any kink is allowed. But don't let the word "kink" fool you. They don't have to be sexual in nature. If you always wanted to have Tony and Pepper bond over ice cream, leave a comment saying so. If a Tony/Pepper BDSM fic floats your boat, leave a comment saying so.

- You are also allowed to request graphics, meaning if you want a banner of Tony and Pepper horseback riding, please state so in your comment. You are also allowed to fulfill a request with a graphic. But please ask the person who requested something first. They might not need/want a wallpaper, banner etc.

- Anonymous posting is allowed, but not required.


- In the subject of your fill, please write "Fill" and the title of your piece (if it has one).

- If you are fulfilling a prompt as a non-anon, please link to your private journal in your reply comment (do not link to a locked entry).

- If you are fufilling a prompt as an anon, you may leave the body of text in the comments.

- Prompts may be filled multiple times.

- Fulfillments do not need to be NC-17.

- Please warn for spoilers, even if seemingly vague.

- Do not spam a prompt. Comments are welcome, but please to try keep the conversation to a minumum.

Remember, fulfilling is sexy.


- Try to live by the 'take a penny, leave a penny' rule. If you post a prompt, pick up a prompt.
- If your prompt is filled, say 'thank you.' You can do it anonymously, but just let the fulfiller know that their work was appreciated.

Did I miss anything? Anyone want to help mod? Please comment below.

genderswap, for both of them. Pepper is trying not to kill him, Tony wants to take their new bodies for a test drive.

Bonus point if Tony had sex with men before but still feels a bit aprehensive under the bravado because he never had sex quite like *that* before.

Seconded! This sounds fun!

Tony/Pepper - Trekkie

Tony is secretly a Trekkie. Pepper finds out about this and wears a Starfleet uniform to seduce him.

Re: Tony/Pepper - Trekkie

I'm thinking of doing this prompt but can I have her dressed up in a different Star Trek costume? I have something... kinkier in mind.

Tony/Pepper - Star Wars fan.

I just wrote a Trek prompt but I'm in love with the idea of Pepper and/or Tony dressing up.

Prompt: Pepper is secretly a Star Wars fan, Tony finds out and dresses up as Han Solo or Luke Skywalker to woo her.

Re: Tony/Pepper - Star Wars fan.

I like both these prompts. How about someone writes them together? Tie in Comic Con and I'll be a happy geek!

Tony/Pepper sleepy Pepper, sneaky Tony

Tony is awake, Pepper is not. Tony gets touchy-feely with her body and then seriously horny. And Tony never likes to deny himself. How much can he get away with before Pepper wakes up? Author's choice on when she wakes up. Established relationship, tho how new/old is up to the writer.

Re: Tony/Pepper sleepy Pepper, sneaky Tony

*raises hand* I second this!

Tony/Pepper, Tony fixes the "magnets"

Tony/Pepper,Comic-verse, Tony finally got around to fix the magnets in his and Peppers chests, now that they don't repulse each other anymore what will happen?
A bit of a will they - wont they, perhaps even shyness would be nice, although Pepper jumping Tony's bones floats my boat just as well. Sexy times would be great but not mandatory.

Re: Tony/Pepper, Tony fixes the "magnets"

What if that he accidentally makes it so that instead of repelling, the magnets attracted to each other and Pepper and Tony ended up being stuck.

That chair Tony's sitting in when Pepper takes out his old RT? He and Pepper decide to play mad scientist, she gets strapped into the chair, and Tony gets to, um, experiment with her. MWAHAHAHAAA!

Tony/Pepper - Rooftop Sex

Based on Robert Downey Jr's comment about Gwyneth Paltrow. 'She couldn't get her hands off me.'

The suit has more hidden things than just missiles. She gets to experience that due to a tender and needy Tony Stark.

t/p make some steam

heat wave + pool = hot steamy sexin' preferably set at night. ;D


Pepper secretly reads Harlequin romances, Tony finds one of them and starts quoting bits of it to her, the rating is up to the author!

Brownie points if quotes the novels to her in public (ie, during a Stark Industries meeting, or while Happy/Rhodey/Natasha are also in the room, etc.)

NO! I'm working on the Sybian fic - why did you do this to me? WHYYYYYYYYYYY!?

Okay. I'm totally going to tackle this one next - but anyone else can go first!

(Is it bad that I'm thinking about what tacky novels I can use from my, I mean, MY MOTHER"S collection of romance novels)?


Post-Afghanistan, Tony has a control problem and finishes first and needs to make sure Pepper (or whoever - but you know I'm a T/P girl) finishes through other means....

FILLED: Premature...uhm...finishing

How about this?

"Oh, God...I'm gonna...I can't..."

"Do it, Tony," she pants in his ear as he pistons into her body. She's never been fucked so hard in her life, hell, hasn't been fucked at all for a couple of years, but she *knows* it was never like this...

"Can't stop,'s coming..."

"Let go," Pepper commands, digging in with her nails and heels and hanging on for dear life, and he does and slams her hips down into the mattress, so hard there's going to be a dent in it, and he grinds and she grinds right back, so close, so mind-blowing just listening to him come.

Close. But no cigar.

She loves him, hard and fiercely, so she just holds him and accepts his kisses and murmured adorations, and when he removes himself from her body and stretches out beside her she takes his hand and kisses it.

"Wow," she says, half-joking. "Faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive."

Tony grins, a little sheepishly.

"Sorry if it went by kind of fast," he says. "You know how long it's been, for me."

"Even longer for me," she tells him. "And...I'm still waiting, big guy." She takes his hand and guides it down to lie between her damp thighs.

"You didn't - Shit, Pepper. I've got to do something about that. Totally unacceptable. Totally rude of me."

She laughs. "Don't beat yourself up, Tony. Just - take care of it, right?"

"Anything for you, Pep. Although you're welcome to beat me up - some other night - " He gives her a leer and slides down, leaning on one elbow, until his face is level with her navel and he dips his head to lick her there. She sighs deeply, loving his mouth wherever he uses it.

"Let's see now, where to begin?" he murmurs. His hand is stroking, fingers spread, up and along her hip, back down her thigh, tugging her knee so that her leg is half bent and his hand can continue stroking, hot palm moving up under it to cup and squeeze her buttocks. She shifts and sighs again and lets her legs fall further open, and he leans in over her straight leg, pushing the other one even further up against her chest, and she feels his breath warm on her wide open sex.

Her own breath deepens, then catches, as his lips fumble over her mound, like a blind man feeling his way, then his mouth opens so he can lead with his tongue, just dancing along the edges of her lips. She wants to thrust up into his smart mouth, but at the same time she doesn't want the exquisite torment to stop. His hand is back on her ass, kneading and groping; she takes hold of her knee to keep her leg bent and raised. She feels deliciously exposed and desperately needy.

"Tony...I just..."

"I know what you need," he purrs into her pussy, and unbelievably rolls off her, keeping one hand on her leg as he rummages under the bed. "Bingo," he crows, and unbelievably quickly rolls back into place, shifting a little so that now his face is level with her breasts as they rise and fall with her panting. The leg he's lying against stays flat, and her other is still bent upward.

That knee almost collides with Tony's skull; it jerks in response to his tongue pulling at her nipple, darting over for a quick suck at the other one, flicking back to the first, so distracting that she doesn't register what his hand is doing until she feels the heel of it against her mound and thinks, yes, now, at last...

Tony/Pepper sleepy Pepper, sneaky Tony Version 2

Pepper can't figure out why she's getting wet dreams whenever she sleeps at Tony's mansion... until one night, as she was on the verge of a mind-blowing climax, she sees Tony between her legs...

Re: Tony/Pepper sleepy Pepper, sneaky Tony Version 2

How the heck did I miss this one? HOT DAMN!

Tony/Pepper Mummification

I want to see Tony wrapped up literally as a mummy and have Pepper take care of him.

Re: Tony/Pepper Mummification

Seconded, just for the giggle it gave me at the image!


Pepper is a virgin. Maybe she was traumatized by an experience as a teen, maybe it's just a personal choice (never been in love?). Either way, Tony finds out (perhaps she simply tells him, perhaps by accident), and is really, really uncomfortable. He has no idea what to say to her to make her feel like he's not judging her, etc. It goes badly, and he has to make it up to her. This could be while they are dating (post IM2) or something he finds out before they get together, author's choice! Also author's choice as to whether it leads to smut or not. :-)

Guess what came out recently?

Gran Turismo 5! I have been subjected to discussions about horsepower, torque, body weight, rpms and turbo charging from the husband.

And I got an idea. Strip Gran Turismo -- Pepper and Tony make bets on who's the better driver. Loser has to take off a piece of clothing.

Thank you!

Tony and Pepper are trapped, their enemies release an aphrodisiac into the air supply. Bonus points if it's their first time or they're not together at the time.


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