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Tony/Pepper Kink Requests - Mark II
[qaf] cast - Scott's bday
xheartrockx wrote in tonypepper_kink

- Post your request, one request per comment.

- In the subject line of your comment, put as follows: PAIRING [in alphabetical order], KINK.

- In the comment itself, clarify what you'd like.

- Crossovers are allowed, please make a note of it in the subject line and what fandom/character you'd like crossed in. What it should look like: Crossover: Tony/Harry (Kiss Kiss Bang Bang)

- Your requests should be Tony/Pepper-centric. However, don't let this keep you from requesting a threesome/moresome. Just make sure that pairing is somewhere in there.

- Movie and comic verse are both welcome, just specify what you like. But keep in mind that people might not be familiar with all comics.

- Any kink is allowed. But don't let the word "kink" fool you. They don't have to be sexual in nature. If you always wanted to have Tony and Pepper bond over ice cream, leave a comment saying so. If a Tony/Pepper BDSM fic floats your boat, leave a comment saying so.

- You are also allowed to request graphics, meaning if you want a banner of Tony and Pepper horseback riding, please state so in your comment. You are also allowed to fulfill a request with a graphic. But please ask the person who requested something first. They might not need/want a wallpaper, banner etc.

- Anonymous posting is allowed, but not required.


- In the subject of your fill, please write "Fill" and the title of your piece (if it has one).

- If you are fulfilling a prompt as a non-anon, please link to your private journal in your reply comment (do not link to a locked entry).

- If you are fufilling a prompt as an anon, you may leave the body of text in the comments.

- Prompts may be filled multiple times.

- Fulfillments do not need to be NC-17.

- Please warn for spoilers, even if seemingly vague.

- Do not spam a prompt. Comments are welcome, but please to try keep the conversation to a minumum.

Remember, fulfilling is sexy.


- Try to live by the 'take a penny, leave a penny' rule. If you post a prompt, pick up a prompt.
- If your prompt is filled, say 'thank you.' You can do it anonymously, but just let the fulfiller know that their work was appreciated.

Did I miss anything? Anyone want to help mod? Please comment below.

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Post IM2. Pepper is in Europe on SI business and Tony is lonely without her. They decide to give phone sex a try.

Heck yeah ;) I vote for that one!

FILLED: T/P phone sex

"Don't whine, Tony. I don't need any more whining. I had to sit through the reception listening to the bride's mother whine about all the things she doesn't like about Japan."

"I'll try. But I miss you, Pep. You have no idea how tempting it is for me to slip into a little gold titanium alloy and fly across the globe to lie at your feet."

"Mmm, nice. I appreciate your forbearance, though. Marianne didn't want her wedding to be a media circus. She's had enough trouble with the in-laws as it is."

"I told her they should have eloped."

"Men always say that. Now, at least, they've satisfied the Asian family by getting married in a Shinto ceremony, and they're flying back to San Francisco in two days to get married *again* in a synagogue."

"How cosmopolitan of them. So when are you coming back?"

"You know my schedule, Tony. Tuesday night. Happy's picking me up at LAX and driving me up."

"Not a moment too soon."

Pepper laughs. "You know, no one has ever died from abstinence, love."

"I don't want to be the first."

"Why don't you give yourself a hand?"

"You minx. As a matter of fact, I have a grip on myself, as we speak."

"Where are you?"

"In the middle of my big, empty bed. I was watching football before you called. It's yesterday morning here on the left coast."

"And is it turned off, lover boy?"

A click. "It is now."

"Better be. You're talking to your girlfriend *and* stroking off *and* watching TV? There's something wrong with this picture."

"Yeah, the girlfriend should be here in the flesh. I would never have turned on the TV."

"What *would* you be doing, Mr. Stark?"

"Hmm...maybe just what I'm doing now. What are you wearing, Miss Potts?"

"I got out of that Iron Maiden of a dress as soon as possible. Bra, panties, thigh-high hose."


"Nope, not after being on them all day. I'll peel off the hose."

"No, wait. Leave 'em on. Are you lying down?"

"I am now. What are you wearing?"

"The jeans with the red paint on them, and a black wife-beater."

"I hate that term, Tony."

"I know, but you get the picture."

"I do...oh, I do. Tell me more."

"I'm lying on the bed on my back, with my feet on the bed and knees open...mmm..."

"And your underwear and jeans pushed just low enough for you to get hold of your prick..."

"Damn. I can just see your mouth saying that."

"Hold on a minute. I have to put my phone down."

"Fine time to - where are you going?"

After a pause, "I put my bluetooth earpiece on so I could use both hands for - other things."

"Tell, please."

"I've taken off my bra and I'm sitting on the edge of the bed with my knees apart. Where do you want me to put my hands, Tony?"

A sigh. "Run your hands through your hair and arch your back so your chest sticks out, baby. I can see it now...bring your hands down to your mouth...lick your thumbs, get 'em nice and wet...then take your tits in your hands and tease the nipples with your wet thumbs."

A soft gasp on the other end.

"That's my tongue, Pepper, my hot tongue playing with those hard pink tips...they are hard, aren't they..."


"Just like a fine sports to sixty in three seconds...I love how fast you can heat up."

Re: FILLED: T/P phone sex, 2/2

"You know how to do it, Stark. How's the stick shift? Nice and firm? Leaking yet?"

"Not yet...a solid handful, though...turning a hot shade of red..."

"My favorite color. God, I love watching you pump yourself. Push your pants down more so you can get to your balls."

"Yes, Miss Potts...ah, they very much appreciate the freedom. In fact, I'm kicking my pants and shorts off now. There you go, guys, hang loose."

A giggle. "I can't wait to get my hands on them. I could have one hand squeezing my breast and another fondling your balls...both hot...ah..."

"I can feel it, could lie on your side...I'd lie down beside you and line up my face with your pussy, and my dick with your sweet lips, and you'd put your hand on it and tease it with your tongue..."

"Get the first few drops of come off it...stroke under your balls, between your thighs..."

"Yessss...I could open your legs and spread your pussy open with one hand and expose your clit...where's your hand, right now, Pepper?"

"Down my panties...I'm pushing them off now, I want to be wide open for you...spreading my lips with one hand and licking my fingers to use on my clit..."

"Oh, yes, baby, just like my tongue wet...let it dance around and tease that spot..."

"I want to get my mouth around your head - just the head - and pull and suck - just a little - "

"You should see it, baby, I'm so damn hard for you, imagining, it's all slick and slippery - "

"I'm dragging my fingers up between my lips, toward my clit - circling around it, so slowly..."

"Put your fingers inside yourself...I would push two fingers right up into you while my mouth licked at your clit - "

"Yes...yes...I'm doing that...oh, fuck, Tony..."

"That's it, baby...when you start talking dirty I know you're close..."

"I want you in my mouth...need to suck you while I come...mmmph..."

"I'm gonna clamp down on your pussy and dig in while you squirm - I can taste you, baby - Suck your fingers, Pepper, let me hear your tongue pulling on me - "

The sound of a wet mouth, sucking and moaning, breathing harder...

"Sonofabitch - that's done it - suck me, baby, come on - it's - "

An inarticulate cry from the other end, then, "Tony! Oh, fuck me, baby, fuck me *hard*!"


Several minutes of gasping and breathless endearments. Then:

"I love you, Miss Potts."

"Oh, I love you, too, Stark."

"I have to go clean off the phone now."

"Please do."

"In case you call me back tomorrow night."

"Good thinking."

"Good night, Pepper."

"Good night, Tony. Sweet dreams."

Re: FILLED: T/P phone sex, 2/2


Anon, you deserve an award for this!

Re: FILLED: T/P phone sex, 2/2

HOLY GOD! I've had a glass of wine and now this! All kinds of relaxed. Mmmm.

FILLED: "You Are Here" (at my journal)

It's (ahem) too long to post here, so here you go.

Re: FILLED: "You Are Here" (at my journal)

I should add that it isn't precisely what the prompt had ordered - it's Tony who's away on business. But that's probably not the kink, so I figured it would be okay. ;)

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