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Tony/Pepper Kink Requests - Mark 1
[rdj] smirk
xheartrockx wrote in tonypepper_kink
Post your request as a comment to this post.

Remember to check all the other comments, maybe something will strike your muse.

It's not rule but it's nice to fulfill a prompt for each prompt you leave.
Give and take makes our lives so much more fun :D

ETA1 - please include a subject line to your comment for easier orientation.

ETA2 - I will be switching off comment notifs for this post, meaning I will no longer receive notifications when somebody posts a comment here. If you have any questions, suggestions etc, please leave a comment at the RULES post.

ETA3 - You are also allowed to request graphics, meaning if you want a banner of Tony and Pepper horseback riding, please state so in your comment. You are also allow to fulfill a request with a graphic. But please ask the person who requested something first. They might not need/want a wallpaper, banner etc.

ETA4 - your requests must be Tony/Pepper-centric. Of course, you can bring other characters into the mix but their relationship (however you choose to portray it) should be the focus.

Tony is a horse. Pepper is his jockey. Hilarity, sexiness ensues.

Dammit, I want this, too. So much.

(no subject) (Anonymous) Expand

Tony/Pepper, sleepy

Basically, I want fic with a really sleepy Tony who is particularly cuddly and affectionate. Pepper, as his established significant other, is both charmed and amused by this :)

Filled! Body, remember. NC-17, 1,500 words

This got a bit out of hand, and a fair bit kinky. Here you go: Body, remember.

Tony/Rhodey(/Ivan), fuck-or-die, dub-con

The fight at Tony's birtday party ends a bit differently when Rhodey's suit is taken over ahead of schedule, maybe on a test run. A lot of "Tony, I don't know why I'm doing this," etc. Ivan likes to watch.

Re: Tony/Rhodey(/Ivan), fuck-or-die, dub-con

tony/pepper kink, anon.

Tony/Pepper/Obidiah, s/D

Breaking in the new PA goes a bit wrong when it turns out Tony's more eager to take orders than Pepper. Would be awesome if Obie taught Pepper to handle and use their breaking-in equipment.

Obadiah/Tony/Pepper, orgasm denial, bondage

Obadiah decides to show Pepper how to handle Tony Stark. (Tony tied down, Pepper watches.)

Re: Obadiah/Tony/Pepper, orgasm denial, bondage

I vote for this.

Tony/Pepper, furry play

Tony commits the horrible pun of dressing up like Tony the Tiger for the Stark Industries Halloween party. When he and Pepper slip away for some one-on-one time in the executive office, she tells him to leave the costume on.

Re: Tony/Pepper, furry play

My name is K`shandra, and I approve this message kink.

Tony/Pepper, forced to have sex for the first time

Tony and Pepper are kidnapped and held hostage by shady (Ten Rings?) kidnappers. The only things in the room with them are a light, a bed, and a camera embedded in the ceiling. The kidnappers tell them they'll be released if they "perform" for the camera.

Bonus points if it's actually a webcam that's streaming live!

Re: Tony/Pepper, forced to have sex for the first time

Working on this.

Tony/Pepper, golden shower

self explanatory.

Re: Tony/Pepper, golden shower

no such thing as self-explanatory on this meme, friend.

Pepper cheats on Tony. writer's pick as to with whom. Hijinks ensue.

(Deleted comment)
I'm on it. All over it. (Wish.)

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Pepper used to be a sub, and Tony manages to find her trigger word. He doesn't initially understand what happens so he experiments with it a little until he figures it out... then he uses it to his advantage.

kudos if the first time it happens they're in a meeting and she moves to do whatever he asks instantly then freezes...

I'm going to try and tackle this - give me some time as RL is nuts (as usual).

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Re: sorry for the delay (Anonymous) Expand
Re: sorry for the delay (Anonymous) Expand

Most effective use of a smartphone

T & P are involved; one of them has to go halfway across the world while the other is somewhere else, and during a meeting Pepper sends Tony a "beaver shot" over her smartphone, allegedly taken surreptitiously under the table during said meeting. What happens after that is entirely up to you.

Re: Most effective use of a smartphone

this really needs to happen..


T/P established, them staying in for the night. Pepper handcuffs Tony to the bed and shows him who's really the boss (first time or very little experienced for Tony, very experienced for Pepper). Extra points for use of a cock ring, strap-on/dildo, delayed gratification (orgasm denial), and/or begging. As hardcore/hot/dirty/NC-17 as you can get it.


Seconded x 1000000000000

Re: T/P BDSM (Anonymous) Expand
Re: T/P BDSM (Anonymous) Expand
Re: T/P BDSM (Anonymous) Expand

Tony/Pepper - Important Meeting

Tony somehow ends up under the desk/conference table where Pepper's big important meeting is about to take place. Only Pepper discovers he's under there. He decides to have a little "fun" with it.

Bonus points for Pepper desperately trying to keep the meeting going while Tony's "tormenting" her.

Inspired by dracutgrl's "A Kink In The Armor": WHAT IF...the day Pepper said that, she had plans to go to a D/s club??? How would the birthday girl celebrate? (Without Tony...but maybe thinking about him...)


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