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Tony/Pepper Kink Requests - Mark 1
[rdj] smirk
xheartrockx wrote in tonypepper_kink
Post your request as a comment to this post.

Remember to check all the other comments, maybe something will strike your muse.

It's not rule but it's nice to fulfill a prompt for each prompt you leave.
Give and take makes our lives so much more fun :D

ETA1 - please include a subject line to your comment for easier orientation.

ETA2 - I will be switching off comment notifs for this post, meaning I will no longer receive notifications when somebody posts a comment here. If you have any questions, suggestions etc, please leave a comment at the RULES post.

ETA3 - You are also allowed to request graphics, meaning if you want a banner of Tony and Pepper horseback riding, please state so in your comment. You are also allow to fulfill a request with a graphic. But please ask the person who requested something first. They might not need/want a wallpaper, banner etc.

ETA4 - your requests must be Tony/Pepper-centric. Of course, you can bring other characters into the mix but their relationship (however you choose to portray it) should be the focus.

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Re: Filled; mirror, mirror (3/4)

AAHHHHHH *tackles* I thought you had disappeared or something D:

And movie!Pepper/comic!Tony and comic!Pepper/movie!Tony <3333

Love this chapter so much. THANK YOU!!!

Can't wait for the next chapter although I have a quick question. Comic!Tony doesn't know that movie!Pepper's boyfriend is Tony, right?

Re: Filled; mirror, mirror (3/4)

He does not!

Re: Filled; mirror, mirror (3/4)

ohhh this should be interesting!

Filled; mirror, mirror (4/4)

Chapter Four! Also known as The End. Moral of the Story: Never let me write a chapter fic because it WILL take forever.</a>

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