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Tony/Pepper Kink Requests - Mark 1
[rdj] smirk
xheartrockx wrote in tonypepper_kink
Post your request as a comment to this post.

Remember to check all the other comments, maybe something will strike your muse.

It's not rule but it's nice to fulfill a prompt for each prompt you leave.
Give and take makes our lives so much more fun :D

ETA1 - please include a subject line to your comment for easier orientation.

ETA2 - I will be switching off comment notifs for this post, meaning I will no longer receive notifications when somebody posts a comment here. If you have any questions, suggestions etc, please leave a comment at the RULES post.

ETA3 - You are also allowed to request graphics, meaning if you want a banner of Tony and Pepper horseback riding, please state so in your comment. You are also allow to fulfill a request with a graphic. But please ask the person who requested something first. They might not need/want a wallpaper, banner etc.

ETA4 - your requests must be Tony/Pepper-centric. Of course, you can bring other characters into the mix but their relationship (however you choose to portray it) should be the focus.

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Re: filled; turning saints into the sea 4

But what I wanna know what's in the box.... ;)

Very hot, thx!

Re: filled; turning saints into the sea 4

Alas! I kept trying to explain it, but it seemed so tacked on and out of place to keep going after the sex was over.

It's a change of clothes for Pepper, which is totally non-suspicious when walked from her office to Tony's because everyone has seen it and heard the explaination that its just some of his crap that he left before moving out of his old office.

Re: filled; turning saints into the sea 4

I figured, but then it reminded me of the case in Pulp Fiction, where we never find out what was in it. lol

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